Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery encompasses surgery of the skin, abdomen, chest, eyes, ears, nose throat and organs.  Soft tissue may also include Oncologic Surgical procedures. At MVMC, both Dr. Rubin and Dr. Steinberg, utilize advanced techniques and equipment. Their goal is always to offer the safest and most effective surgical procedure for your pet, as needed.  Many pets undergoing soft tissue surgery are very sick or debilitated.  The MVMC is highly experienced in post-op surgical monitoring and critical care, ensuring your pet has the safest experience possible.

Common Conditions Treated and Procedures Performed by Dr. Rubin and Dr. Steinberg:

  • Oral Surgery 

  • Salivary Mucoceles

  • Cleft palate surgery

  • Esophageal surgery

  • Hiatal hernias of the stomach

  • Prophylactic and emergency gastropexy for gastic dilatation-volvulus (GDV)

  • Intestinal surgery including intussusceptions, foreign bodies and cancer

  • Megacolon surgery in cat

  • Diaphragmatic hernia repair

  • Gall bladder surgery

  • Liver lobe removal

  • Portosystemic shunts of the liver

  • Spleen removal

  • Adrenal gland removal

  • Urinary dysfunction

  • Kidney removal

  • Bladder surgery

  • Ureteral surgery for ectopic ureter

  • Urethral surgery for obstruction

  • Eyelid surgery such as correction for entropin

  • Brachycephalic airway surgery in dogs

  • Tracheal collapse/Tracheal Stent

  • Foreign body removal from the airway or intestinal tract

  • Skin and reconstructive procedures for major traumatic injuries and skin cancer

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