September 22ND!

A 5k and Family Day brought to you by the Maine Veterinary Medical Center

Proceeds to benefit  K9s on the Frontline 501(c)3

Smiling Hill Farm, Westbrook ME

The sport of canicross is an event in which one runs with their dog. A harness or belt around the waist is worn by the human runner, and a harness is worn by the dog. The dog, in more competitive events, is to run in front of the person at all times, though in amateur gatherings exceptions are made! It is a pulling sport for some, with active vigorous participation from the human and for others it is a stroll with man’s best friend by their side. The beauty is the health benefit for both participants on an outside trail setting.

Our event is set for September 22nd and we’d love have you be a part of it!. 









  • Respect your fellow human and canine competitors by allowing a safe girth while passing and remember that people in front have the right of way, sound a pleasant warning when passing

  • Report all accidents

  • If stopping, move over to the right side of the trail

  • Observe all posted signs and warnings

  • Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas

  • Runner and dog must remain tethered together at all times.  Use of a waist belt and line connecting runner to the pet is advised.  A comfortable harness is required, such that there is no direct pull on the dog’s collar.  More than 1 dog per runner is not permitted.

  • Dogs are not allowed on Smiling Hill Farms otherwise, except for on the trail during race time. Proper cleanup after your pet is required.

  • Medical support is provided by the Maine Veterinary Medical Center

  • Adequate hydration is recommended for both runner and dog, before and after the race. 

    • 2 AID STATIONS will be available on the course for both species!  Please dispose of waste material in the provided receptacles to avoid disqualification.

  • Clean up after your pet. Likewise, PORTABLE TOILETS will be made available for humans in need.

  • Runner and dog must be attached at all times during the race. We highly recommend that participants use a waist-belt, cani-x line and harness. Running with dogs on a leash (hand held) is permitted provided that the dog is wearing a comfortable harness, and the point of attachment on the harness itself and not pulling from the dog’s collar. Limit of one dog per runner, we do not offer a multi-dog race category. No dogs are allowed on Smiling Hill Farms property except for those participating in the canicross.

  • Owners must clean up after their dogs. All dogs must be on a leash, before and after the race.  

  • Before and after the race dogs are only permitted in the Scarborough field when not running the course. Dogs are not permitted on any other areas of the farm.

  • Please abide by these rules or we may not be allowed to host this wonderful event again. Smiling Hill Farm is not responsible for any wildlife found on the trails that may spook the dogs or cause the dogs to lose concentration.

Smiling Hill Farm is not responsible for any injuries resulting from use of Smiling Hill Farm's trails and runners release all liability against Smiling Hill Farm for any injuries which may occur to human or dog. Smiling Hill Farm trails are all wooded terrain, there may be some areas with open water, branches, and uneven ground. All runners agree to stay only on marked trails. Any runners found off marked trails will be disqualified and escorted off the farm premises. Smiling Hill Farm is a working farm with livestock animals, and lots of visitors. 

For further information, contact MVMC at 207.885.1290